With most of the world spending considerable time at the home due to the pandemic, the functional aspect of the home needs to be strong. Some of you might be looking at competitive housing to shift, while many people might be looking at rebuilding it to cater to the ‘new normal’. Either way, the value of the home will increase if all the necessary aspects are taken care of, be it the durable flooring, an aesthetically designed bedroom, or living room.

Here are a few pointers on how to increase the value of your home.

Clean and Declutter

Whether you are planning to sell or are looking at remodeling, a good session of deep cleaning will go a long way. As buyers appreciate a clean and pristine home, simple cleaning can easily fetch you a larger price than anticipated. Discard the things that are no longer required, send some to donations and charities that will help them. And if required, you can even add a thing or two after discarding the unused items to elevate the look of the space.

Try Adding More Space

In today’s times, more space means more monetary value. We are living in the times of virtual concrete, where spaces are far fewer than we expect. Consequently, if you manage to add more space by any means, it will only increase your property value. So if you can make space for an extra room, or can include the balcony in your living room, it can help you with the prices of the property.

Upgrade Kitchen and Bathroom

If you are running on a renovation budget, upgrading your kitchens and bathrooms is the best way to get a higher return on investment. As the selling of houses depends significantly on the condition of kitchens and bathrooms, such upgradation can fetch you a heftier price. You can replace the kitchen backsplash, countertops with germ-free tiles, and even install anti-skid tiles in bathrooms. As these are the areas that people are more interested in compared to other areas of the house, concentrating on these a bit more will not hurt your investment at all!

Make It Energy Efficient

These days, most homeowners are focused on being environment friendly as they also want to lead such lifestyles. Be it food, habits, or even the way they live – energy saving can go a long way in saving your planet. The factors that you can keep in mind are the heating and cooling costs, energy-efficient lighting across the home, appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and microwave ovens, landscaping, and even solar panels – all of them can fetch you a great price hike.

Paint Fresh

Nobody prefers a torn down or a weary house. The best way to uplift the mood and vibe of your house would be to get it painted. Guess what, it’s also the easiest and the most cost-effective way to elevate your home value! To start with, you can go with the most popular colours like ivory, beige, magenta, white. Sometimes, you can also go for darker shades like black, blue, green, and even pastels.

Increase The Curb Appeal

A landscape upgrade on your curb can increase the property value by as much as 7%. So if you haven’t put much thought and effort into the same, it is high time to do that now. Landscape the garden, trim the plants, water them regularly, weed out the excess shrubs, and retile the driveway. Notably, the driveway and entrance are the first two things observed by guests. If you manage to make them appealing, you have a great deal of job done right there!

Bonus Tip – Add A Granny Flat

Granny flat is a concept that’s usually followed in the west. However, if you have an independent house, you can incorporate it into yours too. It is an additional space in your home that can be used to house a live-in nanny, an ageing parent, a relative, or even visiting guests. You can also make this to generate more value for your home.

Renovating a house is an uphill task, whether it is for sale or not. However, even if you don’t have any plans to sell the house in near future, you can always incorporate these factors to increase your property’s value. Another benefit of all these discussed ideas is that they are simple additions that won’t require much of a fortune, yet add huge value to your space.